This past summer we enjoyed and learned from Pastor Mark’s sermon series Summer Makeover: Prayer Edition. With vacation schedules and many people being out of town during the summer months, people stayed connected through our summer makeover blog. Many read the sermons online, commented on discussion posts and sent in prayer requests.

We would like to continue this avenue of connection and make the St. Luke blog permanent. Welcome to our blog! Some of our staff jokingly wanted to call it “The Slog” (a combination of St. Luke and blog) but as you can see that name didn’t make it to the title.

Here are a few things this blog will cover:

ministry updates
Ministry doesn’t just happen on Sunday! St. Luke impacts our city everyday of the week. We want you to know about it.

letters from staff
Look for posts from staff members to get to know them better and their related work at the church.

• Sermon Series/Discussion Questions
We would like to continue our focus on the sermon series as we did with Summer Makeover. Look forward to Pastor Mark’s sermon manuscripts as well as thoughts pertaining what you heard on Sunday.
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