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"Wonder: Our Response to God’s Power at Christmas"

Advent 2023

Wonder. It’s a loaded word. We use it to say things like, “I wonder when…I wonder if…I wonder what will happen…”

So often, people use the word in connection to anticipating an answer, a hope, wish, or dream. It’s a bit like those during the first Christmas – people were wondering when God would decisively act and change the world and end their darkness by bringing forth great light.

Yes…and…what if we looked at wonder in a different way this year? What if we stopped to sit and gaze upon the wonder-working power of God in the midst of our busy season of parties, gift giving, and caroling? How might we be filled with wonder and amazement just like two teenage parents, angels, shepherds, and magi? This Advent Season, join us at St. Luke Church as we sit in wonder at the work of God to change the world both then…and now.

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