June 14 – July 26

Many of the stories of the Bible were first told by story tellers around the village campfire. They were passed down from generation to generation by tribal storytellers until they were eventually written down and preserved in the form that we have them in scripture. Jesus, Himself, was a story teller. He taught in stories and parables. Usually he told his stories to large groups of people. However, he saved his hardest stories, his most difficult teachings, for the times around the campfire with just His disciples. This summer, our Sunday morning Summer Worship services will focus on those “Stories Around The Campfire”. As we have the last two summers, we will be making our worship as interactive (and informal) as possible. We will have a Web component on which each week’s  message will be posted and persons will be able to post their own comments and reflections, so that even as you travel this summer, you’ll be able to keep up with worship at St. Luke. Each week there will be a PostScript inserted in the bulletin which will include an outline of the message and suggested followup Prayer and Study for each day of the week. On Sunday evenings, Nora Conner will lead a sermon reflection group that will focus on that morning’s message. During worship we will carry through with the Campfire and Camp Meeting Theme. At the 8:30 service we will sing some of the Gospel Hymns that were sung at Camp Meetings in Wilmore and all around Kentucky,  and at the 9:45 and 11:10 services we’ll sing some of the songs that are sung around the campfire at Aldersgate Camp every summer. We’ll also have special music each Sunday. So plan to join us for “Stories Around The Campfire” beginning on Sunday, June 15.

Sermon Discussion Points

PEOPLE WHOM GOD DOESN’T LIKE Luke 18: 9-14 Introduction A.     Jesus was a teller of ____________________. B.     The _________________ were considered to be exemplary in conduct and character. C.  Jesus presents the _____________ as considered to be the lowest of the low. 1.  There Are Some People That We Like and…

Message: Things Aren’t Always What They Seem Luke 16: 1-13   Introduction     The best stories, T.V. show and movies are ones that have an unexpected ___________.     These kind of stories teach us that things aren’t always what they _________  We Shouldn’t Get Hung Up On The Dishonesty Of The Manager   The manager represented a common…

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