Are you the rich young fan? What are you holding at a higher value than your relationship with Jesus?

Not A Fan Church Wide Study
Message:  The Rich Young Fan
Scripture:  Luke 18:18-30

I.  Introduction
     A. From all appearances, the rich young ruler lived an exemplary  

    B.  The lesson that Jesus sought to teach by the example of the
      young man, was _________ primarily a lesson concerning wealth.

     C. Jesus is concerned with changing _______________ and lives.

   D. The rich young fan placed more value in the things of the
     ________________ then he did in following Jesus.

    E.  The greatest opposition to Jesus were the Priests and Pharisees
    who seemingly had ___________.

II.  The Rich Young Fan did not believe that Jesus’ grace alone was sufficient for salvation.
     A. We practice spiritual disciplines in _________ to our relationship
    with Christ.

    B.   The rich young ruler believed that the more we give, the more
     we do, the ______________ we come to the Kingdom of God.

III. The Rich Young Fan believed that what WE do is the path to the Kingdom.
    A.  He did what was ______________ of him.

    B. Salvation lies not in the activity of man, but in the activity of
    God. It is ____________ who saves us.

    C.  Grace, not ___________ is the foundation of a relationship
     with Christ.

IV.  The Rich Young Fan denied the power of the love and grace of Christ.
   A.  God’s love is greater than our sin, and greater than our ability to
    _____________ for our sin.  

  B.   God loves and saves us not because we are strong but because
  we are ______________.

  C.  Christ’s love will not ___________ ___________ ____________.

Are you a fan, or a follower?

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