This year we would like St. Lukers to turn Christmas upside down and we are sharing the ideas with you plenty ahead of time.

The staff watched this brief video in a recent meeting and it got us thinking.


Why do we want to share Christmas with others? Is it because of all of the gifts, decorations and food? Certainly not. Even spending time with friends and family, while good and meaningful, is not the true reason we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is the start of hope. Because of Christ’s birth we have the hope in everlasting life and the joy of bringing in His kingdom. We want others to know about the love and hope that only Christ can bring. Won’t you join us?

This Christmas we are challenging you to share Christmas. There are many ways to do this including:

Build relationships and invite others: Do you know someone that doesn’t know the love of Christ? Please take steps now to show them God’s love. Visit them, drop off groceries, baby sit their children and then invite them to Christmas services. Christmas postcards will be made available Sunday, December 1.

Extend your Family: Many people spend Christmas alone. They are widowed, divorced, shut-in or are far away from home. Could you
invite them to share Christmas with you and your family?

Give: How about giving some of that money we spend on Christmas to the poor, the lonely, the hungry and the lost. This year, our Christmas offering will be taken for the Alms fund. Our Alms fund helps those in and outside our church who are in critical financial situations. Many have lost their jobs, are terminally ill or are facing hardships like taking care of a elderly parent or disabled child on a low-income budget. Take time and reflect upon Jesus this Advent season and how you can share his love. Perhaps you can give an offering equivalent to what you spend on your family this Christmas. Maybe your family is committed to making presents for each other to give to those in need.

I hope you join us in sharing Christmas.



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