Not A Fan Church-Wide Study
Message:  The Days After
Scripture:  Matthew 4:18-22

I.  Introduction
A. In our faith journey there are a lot of ____________  __________ experiences.

B. For every mountain-top experience there is a ________  _________.

C. How we handle the days after _______ who we are, who we will be and where we
will go.

D. The church was really born in the days after ________________.

II.  Being a follower makes us one with other followers.
A. Following Christ turns our diversity into ______________.

B. When those who are called to fish, fish – they ___________.

III. Followers are “netless” people.
A.  A ________ is “anything which inhibits or prohibits our commitment to follow Him.”

B. What are the nets in your life?   ________________________

C.  When we put aside our nets and follow Christ, lives are
_________ for eternity.

IV.  Followers are cross bearers.
A.  To understand the cross we have to go beyond __________.

B.   Jesus did not intend for us to follow Him to Calvary.  He
intended us to follow Him ________________ Calvary.

C.  We follow Christ beyond ______________, into life.

D.  Are you a ___________ or a ______________?

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