The Five Practices Of Fruitful Disciples

Week Two: When God Celebrates
(Passionate Worship)
Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-8
I.  Introduction
     A.  Worship expresses our ____________________ for God.

     B.  Life changing worship derives from:
        *the _______________ of God’s presence;
        *the _______________ of worshipers for God’s word;
        *the changed _________ that comes when we encounter Christ  
        in community

II. When worship becomes our passion we experience God’s presence.
     A. Worship celebrates _____________ souls that have been found.

     B. Passionate worship happens when our hearts and minds  _____________
         in Christ Jesus.

      C. God __________________ our praise.

III.  Passionate worship happens when praise and worship becomes the witness of who we are in this world.
      A.  Through worship we purposefully _________________ for God.

      B. Worship becomes our ______________ when it becomes
          our priority.

IV.  Through worship we are in touch with who we are and who we are meant to be.
       A. We were ______________ to worship God.

       B.  Worship is ___________ we are and _____________ we are.

      C. Passionate worship does not refer to how we worship, it refers
            to ________ we worship.

Suggested Daily Devotional Reading for Cultivating Fruitfulness
Monday –  Psalm 84:1-2  – If you could extract all the worship experiences out of your life – sermons, scriptures, hymns, prayers, fellowship – that you have experienced, how would you be different?  How has God used worship to change you and shape you?  

Tuesday – Luke 10:27 What do you do “for the love of God” as a leader or participant that contributes to worship that is alive, engaging and vital?

Wednesday – Psalm 104:33  What is the most common excuse you  use for neglecting the worship of God?   

Thursday – Psalm 100:1-2  What are three things I can do to contribute to passionate worship?

Friday  – Psalm 188:24 Who can you invite to attend worship with you this week?

St. Luke offers seven opportunities for community worship each week. They are:

Sunday mornings at 8:30, 9:45, and 11:10

Sunday morning children’s worship (God’s Backyard) in The Loft at 11:10

Sunday afternoon Multicultural worship in the Fellowship Hall at: 3:00

Sunday evening youth at 5:30 in the Life Center.

Thursday Evening Young Adult Service in The Loft at 7:00.

Join us for Digging Deeper into Passionate Worship this Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.  It’s a part of Wednesday.Comm. Be sure and check out the Worship Mini-Ministry Fair in the Lobby.

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