The Five Practices Of Fruitful Disciples

Week Three: Unfolding the Deck Chairs
(Intentional Faith Development)
Scripture: Philippians 3:12-14


I. Introduction
A. It is through Faith Development that God’s Kingdom
is ____________.

B. _______ percent of evangelicals say their faith makes no
real difference in their lives.

C. _____ percent of new members become inactive in six months.

II. Fruitful Churches provide many avenues for disciples to find purpose and meaning in their faith.
A. Intentional Faith Development keeps us looking _______ and
reaching for where we want to go.

B. John Wesley identified the process of moving forward
as ________________.

C. The goal for every fruitful disciple is ____________
sanctification, or perfection.

D. Life without purpose is life without ______________.

II. Faith development does not take place simply in the context of passionate worship.
A. The Spiritual life originates in ____________.

B. Faith development refers to how we purposefully ____________
in communities.

C. The fruit of Intentional Faith Development is not to merely
know about God, but to _______ God.

III. Fruitful Disciples are ones who commit to a life time of
Faith Development.
A. If we follow Christ for a __________ years, we will need to
learn as much on the last day as on the first.

B. Faith development is transformational when it becomes the
__________of fruitful disciples, inside and outside the church.

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