The sermon title may be a bit mysterious and sound a bit like Harry Potter (for those of you who have had read it – The Dark Lord’s name must not be spoken!), but this Sunday we are talking on extravagant generosity. Has someone ever been extravagantly generous to you?

I.  Introduction

     A.  Generosity is another way of saying _____________.

    B.  Fruitful disciples give in _________to God.

     C. Extravagant generosity is giving to God as _______ has given to us.

    D. Jesus gave His life, so that He might give us ____________.

    E.  Extravagant generosity defines God’s ___________.

I.  What turns hospitality into radical hospitality is extravagant generosity.

     A.  We must be radical in giving of ___________.

II. Generosity becomes extravagant when it matches our passion.

   A.  Disciples that are extravagantly generous are ____________ about God.

   B.  We bring our ________ to God.

   C.  We can never love God ______ than He loves us.

III.  Extravagant generosity drives our process of intentional faith development..

   A.  God uses our intentional and extravagant generosity to His purpose and His ________.

  B.   His ________ for us is always good, always perfect, and always extravagantly generous.

IV..  Extravagant generosity is sacrificial by definition and by the example of Christ.

   A.   It is often _________ ____________ putting a tithe in the offering plate.

  B.  Fruitful disciples are those that are extravagantly generous  with the ______ that God has given us.

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