Not A Fan:  The Critical Transaction
Scripture: Mark 9:2-13

I.  Introduction

    A.  Today is a day of __________________ and commitment.

    B.  Our vision of Jesus Christ In Every __________________ requires each
    of us to take a major step of faith.

    C. Are we content to stay on the sidelines cheering on others, or are we
    going to ___________ __________ _____________ _____________?

II.  There are three questions which call us back to the basics of our faith.

     A. Why are you __________________?

     B. __________________ do you need?

     C.  What do you want God to __________________ to you?

III.  The Critical Transaction in a church comes the moment someone says:  “I want or need to change.”

     A. At St. Luke we express the __________________ Transaction as: Jesus
     Christ In Every Life.

     B.  The critical transaction for the church is ____________ lives.

     C.  We must change how we live our lives and how we   
     __________________ our lives.
IV.   Change in scripture often happens on the mountain top.

     A. Change for the disciples happened as they followed Jesus
     __________________ from the mountaintop.

     B.  When we encounter Jesus on the mountaintop, He is not the one
     who is __________, we are.

     C.  Change becomes commitment when we decide to __________ Jesus
     down from the mountain.

V.  Are you going to be a fan or a follower?
      A. Fans aren’t willing to pay the ___________________.
      B.  Followers are ______________ ______________.

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