The Five Practices Of Fruitful Disciples
Week Four: Risky Business
(Risk Taking Mission and Service)
Scripture: Philippians 3:5-11

I.     Introduction
A. Jesus wants followers for a _______ journey.
B. The Christian journey is not always one from  ___________ to strength.
C. Paul wrote that his journey would not be complete until there was nothing left of him, only __________ living in him.
D. The more _________ we are by Jesus, the more we are willing to risk of ourselves.

II.    Risk Taking Mission and Service will take us out of our comfort zones.
A. Risky business takes us to places that we don’t want to _____.
B. Bobby’s story

III.  Risk Taking Mission and Service opens us to the immensity of human need around us and causes us to dream big when trying to meet those needs.
A. There are often risks involved in committing to small __________.
B. Story of Homeless Ministry

IV.  Risk Taking Mission and Service drives St. Luke’s Vision of Jesus Christ in Every Life.
A. Building the __________, making disciples, is risky business.
B. Mary’s story
C. Fruitful Disciples are _______   ___________.
D. Fruitful Congregations are constantly _________ new ways to reach their community for Jesus Christ.

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