Christian discipleship is our response to God’s love for us. It focuses on actively following in the footsteps in Jesus. One of the ways we become participants in God’s activity in the world is by committing to grow through prayer, study, and fellowship. We offer variety of classes and groups, both ongoing and short-term.

Sunday Mornings & Sunday School

Ten different classes meet each week during the 9:30 and 11:00am hours. Some classes are based on age or stage of life and others are based on type or topic of study.

Covenant groups

Covenant Groups are single gendered groups with up to 6 persons who meet for one hour each week. Each member strives to develop a closer daily walk with God as we pursue the goals of Presence, Formation and Mission together.

Wednesday Morning Women’s Study

Video-based studies of particular interest to women.


Topical studies

Financial health, Summer Studies, Digging Deeper sermon discussions, various theological topics, etc.


Various Fellowship groups

Book Club:  The 2nd Tuesday each month from 6:00-7:30 PM at St. Luke.


Prayer Shawl Ministry

Since this nurturing ministry began in April 2015, we have touched the lives many with our prayer shawls! If you know of someone who would benefit from being wrapped securely in God’s loving arms, please contact Nora Conner, the church office, or any of the Prayer Shawl Ministry members.  We will be happy to help you select a shawl and card for the recipient.


Please contact our Director of Discipleship: John Duff at for more information concerning our Discipleship Classes and Groups.