mdoProgram Supervisor: Sarah Turner
(859)269-4687 ext. 233

The Mother’s Day out program is a ministry of St. Luke UMC designed to share love and concern with parents and children.

To a preschooler, MDO means fun – fun while learning, growing, doing and being. Children one year through preschool age are invited to participate in this program which consists of:

  • Art
  • Bible stories
  • Nature
  • Interaction with other children
  • Listening development
  • Motor development
  • Snacks


Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 9:30 a.m.  2:00 p.m.

(maximum two days per child)

Please note, children will not be accepted before 9:30 a.m. as the teachers are preparing the rooms. A late fee of $1 per minute will be charged for each minute the child remains past 2 p.m. This fee is due at the time and should be given to the teacher. If an emergency should arise, a phone call will be expected.

What to bring

Diaper bag or backpack
Change of clothes
Lunch in a bag/box
-bottle/cup with drink
-finger foods, ready to eat
-cold pack as needed
All items should be labeled.


We provide a small snack for the children mid-morning.


Our fee is $20 a day per child. Fees are due the first week of each month.

A 30 day notice is required prior to withdraw from the program. If notice is not given, you will be required to pay the next month’s fees.

Absences and sickness

When your child is sick, he/she will be more comfortable at home. Please do not expose the other children or the teachers unnecessarily. We ask that your child be free from fever for over 24 hours before returning to MDO.

If your child misses a day due to illness or another reason and the child is on a permanent reservation, their fee for the day is still in effect. Our expenses continue even if the child does not attend.

If your child becomes ill while at MDO, you will be notified to come pick him/her up immediately.

Mother’s Day Out Inclement Weather Policy

If Fayette County Schools are closed due to inclement weather, you will receive a text message by 8am informing you of our plans for the day. If FCPS are operating on a delay, we will operate on our normal schedule. Tuition for one such day a month will be considered a donation to the program. If two or more days are missed, you will be credited the following month for those days.


When Fayette County schools are closed for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, MDO will also be closed. You will not be charged for these days. MDO will be open during record days in Fayette County if held on a Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday.

Mother’s Day Out Dues