For the last few years, the Veritas Christian School has met at St. Luke three days a week, and we have enjoyed our association with them.  However, last year it was obvious that they were outgrowing the space that we had to offer them, and a couple of weeks ago they let us know that they would begin meeting at a different church that has enough space to accommodate their growing needs.  We will miss the energy and enthusiasm the kids brought into the Life Center every week, but by freeing up this space, we have a great opportunity to expand our outreach and ministry into many areas of the church and the community.  Our hope is to transform the Life Center into the Abundant Life Center, and we need your help in dreaming of the possibilities.  How can we transform the Life Center into an Abundant Life Center?  Have you felt God calling you to lead a daytime Bible Study?  Or what about a small group that could meet around a cup of coffee and share common concerns with one another?  Are you in a community group that is looking for a place to meet?  Or perhaps you’d like to help start an exercise class?  Or walking group?  Or some other type of recreational activity?  The gym is a wonderful facility for those type of activities.

Whatever your dream might be, God has given us a wonderful ministry tool with the (Abundant) Life Center.  Let’s not miss this opportunity!  Our ministry teams are dreaming and planning and would love to hear your ideas concerning ongoing ministry possibilities.  Please share them with the appropriate staff member or with Pastor Mark.  Share your ideas concerning community groups and recreation/exercise classes with Ed Towle.  We are sad to see Veritas leave, but we can’t wait to see all of the opportunities and possibilities that God will open before us in this new season.

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