Luke 18: 9-14


A.     Jesus was a teller of ____________________.

B.     The _________________ were considered to be exemplary in conduct and character.

C.  Jesus presents the _____________ as considered to be the lowest of the low.

1.  There Are Some People That We Like and Value, And Welcome Into The Temple, And Then There Are Some People We Just Don’t Like.

A.   Almost all of us have a list to those we ___________________ and those we don’t _________________.

B.  God loves us for who we are, but doesn’t always like us for what we _______ or don’t _____________.

C. Jesus breaks down the barriers we erect through our prejudices and _________________.

2.  Jesus Breaks Through The Barriers Of Physical Difficulties And Challenges.

A.  In God’s eyes the man with the withered hand ____________ more than the church and the law.

3.  Jesus Breaks Through The Barriers We Erect Through Our Prejudices

A.  The Samaritan woman at the well ___________________ to Jesus.

B.  The Pharisee led an exemplary life, but he was still a ___________________.

4.  Jesus Breaks Down The Barriers Erected By False Piety. 

A. Zacchaeus tells us that Jesus came to seek and save the _________________.

B. The Church is the only institution where membership is based upon ________________________ to be a member.

C. You have never looked in the eyes of someone who does not _________ to God.

This Week’s Spiritual Exercises

1. Begin a Prayer Journal

2. Include in your prayers any individuals or groups of people whom you tend to look down upon.

3.  Who are the Pharisees in your life?  Who are the tax collectors?  How will you tell God’s story to each?


My Prayer Concerns:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(Add the persons on either side of you in the pew to your list of concerns)

Today I Prayed For:

Monday:   Favorites (Read James 2:1-4)


Tuesday:  The Rich In Faith (Read James 2: 5-7)


Wednesday: Law Breakers (Read James 2: 8-11)


Thursday:  Judgement (Read James 2:12-13)


Friday:  Sowers (Matthew 13: 1-23)


Saturday:  Read again Matthew 13:1-23.  This is the story we will be hearing this Sunday. What questions do you have after reading it?


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