Did you know you could help St. Luke earn FREE MONEY simply by shopping at Kroger and using your Kroger Plus card?  Kroger’s Community Rewards program donates money to organizations in the community by linking your Kroger Plus card to a specific organization, in our case, St. Luke United Methodist Church.  Every time you shop at Kroger and swipe your Kroger Plus card, the church earns money!  It does not take away any of your gas points or increase the price you pay for any items.  The one and only catch is that you must sign up.


If you have already signed up, there is nothing else you need to do! You can check the bottom of your receipts to make sure it is connected to St. Luke. 


If you have not signed up, here’s what you need to do:


Step 1.  Go to Kroger and pick up a Kroger Plus card (free).


Step 2.  Create an account at www.kroger.com/communityrewards


Step 3.  After your account is created, you need to link your Kroger Plus card to your account by following the prompts.


Step 4.  On your “Community Rewards” page and follow the prompts to choose St. Luke UMC as your designated recipient.  Our organization number is 12106.

As a result of our shopping and using our Kroger Plus cards, St. Luke receives a check from Kroger each quarter.  The more people we have participating, the bigger our community rewards check!  Please join us and help St. Luke earn more free money for its ministries.  If you need assistance or have trouble with the process, please contact Dawn Brodersen at 859-361-4461 or email dawnbrodersen@gmail.com.

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