Communication Tips

Guidlines and Deadlines for Newsletters and Bulletins

Do you have a church ministry or upcoming church event that you need to communicate to the congregation? Do you have an exciting ministry story to share with the congregation? We have lots of effective tools for communication at St. Luke! Generally, Sunday morning bulletin announcements are intended for church ministry and church events only. However, you are invited to contact Mark Walz ( to help figure out the best way to communicate your needs to the congregation. Some of our current means of communication include the website, social media, email, the Sunday morning bulletin, a table display in the Connection Center lobby, the monthly newsletter, the announcement slides in the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings, an event page on our website or on Facebook, a postcard, a flyer, or a spot on the bulletin board.

We would love to have you write something for the newsletter! Please email your piece to before the deadline of the 15th of the month for the next month’s newsletter.

If you would like an announcement in the Sunday morning bulletin, on the website, or in the Friday Infoline emails, please email it to before the end of day on Tuesday.

In all bulletin and slide show announcements, please include no more than three sentences,  a date and time (if needed), a contact person, and contact person information.

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