Blue Barrel Sundays Are Coming

Those who follow the church on Facebook or Infoline should be aware that donations to God’s Pantry have been down while the need is very high.  Often the number of families served by St. Luke’s Pantry is over 200 each week.    Our Pantry has been able to weather the storm but there have been times when the shelves have been nearly empty.   The Pantry needs our help all year round.   So we have designated the third Sunday of each month as Blue Barrel Sunday at St. Luke.   Here is how this will work.   On the second Sunday of each month there will be Reusable bags available that will have both God’s Pantry and St. Luke info on it.   You are encouraged to take one of these bags as you leave church that day, and sometime during the week, fill it up with cereal and canned goods and other staples, and then on the third Sunday (Blue Barrel Sunday) bring it back to the church and place it (bag and all) in one of the blue barrels which will be near the main doors of the church.   And then the next month we will repeat the process.   We hope that all will participate in Blue Barrel Sunday in addition to what you are already doing with regards to the Pantry, but this is a simple way for the entire church family to get involved.    

OUR FIRST BLUE BARREL SUNDAY IS THIS MONTH ON SUNDAY NOVEMBER 20TH.    So plan to pick up your bags on Sunday the 13th, fill them up during the week and then bring them and fill up the Barrels on the 20th.    This month, we are going to be focusing on breakfast items. Please bring cereal and other breakfast items in your blue barrel bags. By joining together we can make sure that our food pantry is always equipped to feed all the hungry people who come.     

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