Blue Barrel Sunday is February 19! Pick your blue bag this Sunday, February 12, and bring it back next week!

Last month, we contributed just under 1,000 lbs of food to our pantry as part of Blue Barrel Sunday.

For this month, we have a mixed request: 
1) Milk including evaporated milk and especially powdered milk is requested.  Milk is a rarity at the pantry. Cereal is usually better with milk and it is difficult to bake anything without milk.

2)  Meal extenders such as hamburger helper, stuffing mixes and bread mixes such as corn muffin mix. For some reason these starch foods have been in very limited supply in recent months.

3) Tomato products,  such as tomato sauce or pasta sauce, canned tomatoes, and small cans of tomato juice. This is chili and soup weather and these items are sought after.  They can be large or small (6oz) cans.

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