Next Week • Next Sunday (July 23) we will be continuing our Pardon The Interruption Series.  We will be talking about how the disciples interrupted Jesus to send the crowds home because they couldn’t possibly feed them all – and about a little boy who had his meager lunch interrupted so that Jesus could feed the whole crowd with it.  In preparation for the service, let’s all be thinking about the unmet needs in our community and what resources we have (no matter how small) that Jesus can use to meet those needs.   Perhaps take some of the canned goods out of your pantry at home and bring them to share with God’s Pantry, maybe some toiletry items to share with the homeless, or an extra offering for the Balloon Fund. Maybe you have some clothing to share with Refugee Ministries or Mountain Mission, perhaps some building toys for Kids’ Cafe,  or school supplies for neighborhood kids. Your resource may be a gift of time serving in the senior commodities distribution, pantry, or Kids’ Cafe.  It could be a pledge to join the choir or handbells.  What needs do you see in the community and what resources do you have (no matter how small or large) that can help alleviate those needs?   At the end of each service next week we’ll have the opportunity to bring our “fishes and loaves” and place them on God’s Holy altar.   


The Mountain Mission Truck is Coming! • The Mountain Mission is in great need of summer clothing and swimsuits for men, women, and children, dishes, pots and pans, small appliances, other household items, tall kitchen bags, paper towels, 33 gallon garbage bags, toilet paper, latex gloves, Febreeze air fresheners, rubber bands, and safety pins.  

Please drop off donated items inside the stairwell storage space in the Connection Center (just past the Connection Center on the left) before July 31. Thank you so much for responding!


You Can Help the Homeless • Our brothers and sisters living on the edge of society are often forgotten when the weather warms up.  A team from St. Luke serves breakfast at Nathaniel Mission each fourth Sunday. We also distribute donations of toiletries and clothing that are collected at the Connection Center.  Hotel toiletries and razors, shaving cream, deodorant, sun block, and toothpaste are always welcome. Consider going through your closet and donating a t-shirt, jeans, shorts, underwear, socks, or a pair of shoes. The bulk of the mission guests are men, but there is a need for casual women’s clothing as well. Thank you for your faithful support as this is an ongoing need.


Collecting Donations for Kids’ Cafe • Kids’ Cafe is collecting used but like-new condition matchbox cars to use as rewards for children participating in Homework/Reading/Math activities this fall. If you have some to donate, please contact Sue Lord, 797-1586,


St. Luke Softball Team to be Revived

Ben Porter is putting together a St. Luke softball team to participate in the fall softball league starting this September. This is part of his 2017 summer leadership project during the Youth Becoming Leaders program at Asbury University. Details are still being worked out. If you are interested and would like to get involved, please contact Ben Porter at 859-948-0464 or by email at


St. Luke University • All incoming freshmen, and any college students at St. Luke are invited to our College Ministry Fall Kick-Off on August 12th.  We will be taking a day trip to the Red River Gorge for a hike and then will come back to Lexington for a cook-out at the church at 5:30.  Please come to the cook out even if you are not interested in hiking with us!  Contact John Duff at for more info!


You are Invited • Please join us to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Mark and Karen Girard on Saturday, July 22 from 2 to 4 pm in the Fellowship Hall.  Please RSVP to Anna by July 17 at or (859) 462-9518.  


Blue Barrel Sunday • Blue Barrel Sunday is this Sunday (7/16). The pantry shelves are very empty right now…. Let’s fill the God’s Pantry Blue Barrels with food donations. Please take home a Blue Barrel Bag and bring it back next week filled with tomato products and miscellaneous vegetables. This means tomato sauce, tomato paste, diced tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, tomato juice as well as beets, greens, sauerkraut, asparagus, lima beans. Please feel free to bring it anytime, and always bring extra…the more the better!

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