Back to School Project

As students are still enjoying summer break, we are making plans to reach out to children in our outreach programs who are returning to school. The apple tree display at the Connection Center will have names and sizes for students, kindergarten – college. We will provide shoes, an outfit of clothing, and underwear for each student. Follow the directions with each ‘apple’, and be sure all gifts are returned to church for distribution on August 8.


ESL Ministry Needs You!

For almost 5 years, St. Luke has offered an English as a Second Language (ESL) class here on Wednesday afternoons. We currently need people willing to drive the church van to help transport our class members. All you need is a “regular” driver’s license and a willingness to serve! Please contact, Marcie Barnett (293-1490), Janet Garrison (272-3226), or Nora Conner for more information.


New Study Begins in Students of Scripture Class

Are you looking for someone to “walk a mile” with on your spiritual journey? Perhaps seeking a Sunday school class, or maybe wanting a group experience outside of worship, but not ready for a long-term or “forever” commitment?  The Students of Scripture Class invites you to join us as we journey through a twelve-week study of the Gospel of John. St. Augustine said of the Gospel of John that “It is shallow enough for a child not to drown, yet deep enough for an elephant to swim in it.” Whatever your level of Scripture study, the Gospel of John, and this study, is shallow enough to get you in and also deep enough to make you a better “swimmer.”  This study begins next Sunday, July 17th, at 11:00 a.m. in room 126.  We will be using the The Gospel of John study book by Dr. Ben Witherington, Professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary. Contact Wendell Barnett, study facilitator ( or 859.293.1490), or Nora Conner (, 859.269.4687) for more information.


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