dsc_0091At the beginning of the summer, we made a couple of changes to the 11:10 (third) service on Sunday morning.   First, in response to those who had been asking to be finished by noon to minimize conflicts with Sunday afternoon community and school activities, we moved the start time of the service up to 11:00.  And secondly in recognition that we were not being as effective as we need to be in reaching young adults with our current services, we changed the worship “style” to that of “Word and Table”, which simply meant that we were going to emphasize two primary elements of worship:

1.) The preaching/teaching of the word and

2.) the Sacrament of Holy Communion.   

This type of service has connected with young adults in other settings.  The plan was to try this out during the summer and then assess the reaction and impact and decide if we would continue beyond the summer.

Through feedback forms and personal conversations, and initial data, the response has been very positive to both the new format and new time.  And so the Servant Leadership Team, along with the staff, have come to consensus around the need to continue this “Service of Word and Table” at 11:00 am beyond the summer.   This change has precipitated a great deal of discussion about worship in general. We have heard many wonderful ideas on how we can also enhance our worship opportunities at the 8:30 and 9:45 hours, as well as the 11:00 service.  One of the things we have clearly heard is that people like to have a bulletin and worship order at the 11:00 service.   And so, on September 25th, we will introduce a new unified bulletin format which will include more ministry information as well as an order of worship.

In response to feedback, we will be introducing live online streaming of the worship service in the near future.  This will give us the potential of reaching unlimited numbers with the Gospel, as well as stay connected with members of the church family who are traveling and/or unable to attend worship.  Both the Servant Leadership Team and the Staff have had a great deal of discussion around all that we have heard.   We are considering many options, but we must take into consideration the impact that some of the proposed  changes would have on the entire ministry (worship and Sunday School and Children’s ministry)  of the church on Sunday morning.

language-of-worshipWe continue to discuss and study all of these issues and ideas and we hope that you will continue to offer your input.  And please continue to pray for the church, the Worship Team and the Servant Leadership Team,  as we seek to involve as many persons as possible (both present and not yet present at St. Luke) in the worship of our great God.

As always, we strive to live into our vision of Jesus Christ In Every Life in all we do.  And for the present,  join us for worship on Sundays at 8:30 (Traditional), 9:45 (Blended Traditions), or now at 11:00 for a service of “Word And Table”, 12:30 (Swahili) and 3:00 (Multicultural).

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