Last year as the beginning of and the culmination of the 40th Anniversary celebration, we had two Unity Services.   The first service in January took place on the snowiest day of the winter.   But we still filled the Sanctuary for one service utilizing the gifts of all our worshipping communities.   Bishop Davis was the preacher for the day.   And then last September we had our final 40th Anniversary celebration which began with the Unity Service and finished with a wonderful meal in the Life Center.   Both Sanctuary and Life Center were filled to overflowing.

Our intention is to have a Unity Service at least once a year, so that all of St. Luke can worship together.   On September 24, the one worship service will begin at 10:00 A.M.  There will be persons from all 5 adult services that take place on Sunday at St. Luke as well as the children and youth participating.   Our new Kentucky Conference Bishop Rev. Leonard Fairley will be the preacher.   This will be his first visit to St. Luke, so let’s show him why St. Luke is one of the top churches in Kentucky.

Watch for more details, be in prayer for the day, and let’s have a great day of worship with the whole St. Luke family together.

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