I have some amazing news about the water project! As you know,  in November 2017, St. Luke UMC agreed to take on the Yakwalwas Water Project in our partner village of Yakalwas, Nicaragua at an estimated cost of $24,000. This is the same village we partnered with to build a school and we have taken a few mission trips there!

During the dry season of 2018 (March-June),  the residents of the community in Yakalwas began digging and purchasing materials. At that point, they began all the work they could get done while they wait on funds to come in from us.

In January of 2019, they began to build the filter box and spring box. They wanted to begin laying pipes in February, but we didn’t have enough money sent to them by then. As of February 2019, we had sent  $4,505, $2,283, and $3,900 for a total of $10,688! That is very impressive! However, they still needed an additional $13,512 to finish the project and they really needed it by June at the latest, otherwise they would have to wait a whole year to work on it again, when the dry season returned. 

After I had heard that news, I called Ronnie Hopkins, our missionary partner in Nicaragua, and told him that we would need some help to reach this goal if he knew of anyone that wanted to help St. Luke sponsor this project. Well, this past April, Ronnie  let me know that he had told me he had borrowed some money to purchase the pipes and in the process discovered that he had overestimated the total and that they would be able to finish the project with a total of $21,500.  At the end of May, we sent them $1952, bringing our total contribution to $12,640. That is an INCREDIBLE and God-sized amount, however it was still $8,860 short of our goal!

Here’s the miracle: on Good Friday, April 19, Ronnie was informed that a someone had donated $10,500 to the Yakalwas Water project, bringing the funding to completion! The person who helped us meet these funds is former Nicaraguan Missionary and a current US Based Water Engineer, he is one of the men whom I traveled with in 2016, when we first visited Ronnie and Yakalwas. 

This amazing news means the water project funding is complete and Yakalwas will have a complete clean water system by the end of June! Praise God! And THANK YOU, St. Luke for your generous gifts of $12,640!

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