A Wesleyan Discipleship Model

Covenant Groups are….

  • single gendered groups with up to 6 persons who meet for one hour each week.
  • where Christians reflect on and give an account of their own spiritual life in an effort to be more intentional in their relationship with the Lord.
  • guided by the covenant the members write together.
  • where Christians listen to each other and do not try to fix one another.  Members hold fast to the conviction that only the Holy Spirit can bring transformation, and though we can ask each other questions, giving advice is not the answer unless you are asked for advice.

What is the purpose or goal of a Covenant Group?

Each member developing a closer daily walk with God as we pursue the goals of Presence, Formation and Mission together.

Three Goals of a Disciple of Jesus

1. Presence: Being with Jesus
2. Formation: Becoming like Jesus
3. Mission: Doing the things Jesus did.
A disciple of Jesus pursues the presence of God based on Jesus’ command to abide in him. This has the power to form them into who God wants them to be and lead them into God’s mission in the unique way that God has gifted and empowered them. Covenant Groups help disciples work together to accomplish these three goals in their walk with the Lord.

Wesleyan disciple-making model

Small Groups that focus on mutual accountability and support for discipleship are the “method” of Methodism.  These groups have their roots firmly planted in the tradition of John Wesley.

A disciple must be transformed in 3 areas:

  • their understanding
  • their actions
  • their desires

All too often we focus on simply allowing God to transform our understanding, and leave off the other two areas. These groups create an environment in which the Holy Spirit can transform our actions and our desires.

Are there leaders of these groups?

Yes. It is good to have a leader who organizes, facilitates and makes sure things get going.  It is best when everyone in the group has buy in and chooses to participate.  The most important thing a leader can do is lead in sharing time and be vulnerable, which sets others free to share openly.

How do I get involved in a Covenant Group?

If you are interested please contact St. Luke Director of Adult Discipleship: John Duff by emailing him at jduff@stlukeumc.org or by giving him a call at 869-269-4687 ext. 240. Feel free to stop by his office to chat about a joining an existing group or starting a new one with people you already have in mind.