Updates to the St. Luke Line Newsletter

In order to communicate more effectively and to best utilize our resources at St. Luke, beginning in January 2020 we will convert the monthly newsletter to a seasonal newsletter. We will have seven newsletters a year. The first one will be released January 24 and will cover content through March. The following newsletters in 2020 will be in April for Easter/Lent, May/June, July/August, September, October/November, and December/Advent. 



Kentucky United Methodist Children’s Home Fifth Sunday Offering on Dec. 29th

Our children’s homes need us more than ever before in the fight to save our children and families from the devastation from Kentucky’s Opioid Epidemic: The Facts– 1) The number child abuse victims removed from their homes in Kentucky is 3Xs higher than the national average. 2) The number of confirmed cases of child abuse/neglect in Kentucky has increased by 94% in the last four years. 3) Our Methodist Children’s Homes served over 800 children last year and are on track to serve more this year. Our Methodist Children’s Homes are asking us to make a renewed commitment to 1) pray for the children and 2) to generously support the Fifth Sunday Offerings. Please prayerfully consider a special gift next week for this 5th Sunday Offering – December 29th.


Reminder: Hospitality Begins in the Parking Lot

St. Luke’s parking lot is one of the first things that a guest sees and experiences when visiting our church for the first time.  So not only is it important to provide enough spaces, it is important to designate guest spaces near the main entry of the building. Those who can park away from the main entrances are encouraged to show hospitality in this way.


Special Kind of Advent Project

We are participating in a special kind of advent project: collecting food donations as a countdown for Christmas! If you missed your list, they are located at the Life Center and Welcome Center. You can bring in your food whenever you have a bagful.


Christmas Hospitality

We are looking for folks to assist with our Christmas Hospitality for pantry clients for Monday, December 23rd. We need folks to buy or bake cookies or brownies and also need folks to serve hot beverages and the refreshments in the afternoon and the evening on those dates. A sign up sheet is located at the Life Center desk.


Contemporary Service at 10:35am

As we continue to foster a spirit of excellent worship here at St. Luke, we are going to move the 10:45 Contemporary service in the Fellowship Hall from 10:45 to 10:35 for Advent and for the foreseeable future.  This is so we will be able to have Brian come in and physically preach at both this service as well as the two traditional Sanctuary services. 


Join the Youth!

SLUMY (St. Luke United Methodist Youth) is a place where youth can come together and experience the love of Jesus in and through each other. We play games together, we listen to the stories of God in the Bible and in personal testimonies and discuss matters of faith in small groups. All young people in grades 6-12 are invited to come be one of us! We meet Sunday Nights from 5:00-6:30 p.m.


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