40 Cans in 40 Days

We are undertaking a joint partnership with St. Luke Catholic Church to support God’s Pantry. The simple idea is to have people read prescribed Scriptures, pray for our friends at St. Luke Catholic as they pray for us, donate 40 cans in 40 days, and serve at the pantry if possible. Our church will partner with God’s Pantry and St. Luke Catholic with the Jessamine County Food Bank in Wilmore. Donations can be placed in the blue barrel at door # 3.

“40 Cans in 40 Days”

A Lenten Partnership to Feed the Hungry and Lift our Hearts in Prayer

Prayer for the communities of St. Luke Methodist Church and St. Luke Catholic Church
“O God, who have taught your Church to keep all the heavenly commandments by loving you and loving our neighbor, grant our two communities a spirit of peace and grace during this season of Lent so that your entire family may be devoted to you wholeheartedly and united in purity of intent. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen”


Prayer for the success of our Lenten Food Drive


“Set our hearts aflame, O God, and pour out the grace of the Holy Spirit upon our communities.  Bless our efforts with the Spirit of your charity, that united in Christ we may work tirelessly to Feed Your Sheep so that we may extend your charity to all we meet. Through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen”